• "​My son has had home-based ABA for almost 10 years and has had many fine therapists over the years.  Britney Leaf stands out as one of the most innately talented of the group, and coupled with her strong work ethic, it seems there is no problem she can't tackle.  She has drive, motivation, creativity, flexibility, and a delightful personality."- A
  • "Katie has done Applied Behavioral Analysis with my son with autism for the past five years. He has made tremendous strides in self-regulation, speech, self-care, and leisure skills. My son has had ABA through a well-regarded agency since he was three years old and has had many good therapists, but few can compare to Katie. She is dedicated, capable, compassionate, and professional. She can really "think outside the box" in coming up with solutions to his various challenges. For example, she designed and helped us implement a bedtime routine which allowed us our first full nights of sleep in years. Her innate calm alone is therapeutic. She is always punctual, reliable, and responsive. She will make a difference in the lives of any family who is lucky enough to work with her."- A
  • "We have worked with Katie for 5 years and she has helped our son tremendously. He has made great progress behaviorally and socially and she has been instrumental in that. Katie is very knowledgeable. She is effective at finding solutions for our child and she is easy to work with. Katie is dedicated and professional. My son respects her and we enjoy working with her. I highly recommend her and would be happy to talk with any family interested in her services."- D​
  • "Katie McAlee is one of the best therapists we've ever had. She worked with my son for one year and never seemed to loose her enthusiasm for her work."- AG
  • "Katie and her team have been truly amazing for my son, who has severe Autism. The ABA services that Blooming Minds of Northern Virginia offer are outstanding (and we've tried a few others in the past!). The curriculum is always relevant and diverse to make sure that my son is able to do different activities in therapy as well as generalized to other settings. We are really fortunate to have Blooming Minds as our ABA provider."- M
  • "Katie has been an incredible therapist for our son these past several years. She is highly professional and is able to motivate our son and help him progress like no other therapist we've had. She has worked with him on so many skills, to give an idea of a few: speech, anger management, potty training, outdoor safety, and eating new foods. We recommend her to anyone looking for the best in ABA therapy. Katie cares deeply about the children in her program and is working very hard to improve the quantity and quality of ABA available in this area."- S &D
  • "Katie is a valuable resource in helping my son with his social skill challenges. He loves the social group she facilitates! Katie always works on relevant goals while my son just has fun!"- K