What is ABA?


Applied behavior analysis is "the science in which procedures derived from the principles of behavior are systematically applied to improve socially significant behavior to a meaningful degree and to demonstrate experimentally that the procedures employed were responsible for the improvement in behavior" (Cooper, Heron and Heward, 1987). Simply put, if a child is exhibiting problematic behaviors, we can intervene and decrease those behaviors by introducing and reinforcing appropriate behaviors to take their place. ABA is considered to be the best researched treatment by the American Academy of Pediatrics.  


Blooming Minds of Northern Virginia, LLC provides research based, behavior therapy and consulting services for toddlers to young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We work in a variety of settings; including the home, school and community to replace inappropriate behaviors with desirable ones. We use ABA, an evidence-based methodology proven to be effective for individuals with ASD, to make lasting changes for your child while enhancing the quality of life for your entire family. We personalize and tailor our targets and teaching methods to meet your family's individualized needs.

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What is Autism?


Autism is a general term for a group of complex disorders of brain development. Behavioral symptoms include difficulties interacting socially, impairments in verbal and nonverbal communication, the presence of repetitive behaviors and restricted interests in varying degrees. Well-researched early interventions can improve the symptoms of ASD enormously. Evidence shows that children with ASD do better when parents are actively involved in the interventions. By working together with your family, we can systematically reduce or eliminate undesirable symptoms.